Over the past few years, I have heard Angela Belford speak many times on marketing and social media. At each event, she is always excited and well prepared to teach. Her enthusiasm is contagious and she effortlessly makes it feel like what she is teaching can be learned and applied immediately. By breaking down steps and sharing tips and tricks, Angela gives real knowledge and I have come away from her presentations using much of what I learned. Overall Angela is a joy to listen and learn from and she makes the worlds of marketing and social media approachable for all.


Amber Savage

Angela has an incredible way of making people look at themselves & want to become the best version they can by using the tools she gives us. She relates to where we are because she too has been on a personal growth journey for over 20 years. She’s a breathe of fresh air in that she’s able to lighten the subject matter in a way to break down the walls and get to where we can truly grow. She’s a difference maker in the lives she’s with and has a passion for helping people grow! Can’t wait for our next session with Angela! Oh and my team can’t get enough of her because they are seeing the positive impacts it’s making in their lives too! Glad we have locked arms with this lady!!

Elizabeth Ganoung

I heard Angela speak at WordCamp Fayetteville. Though I love her energy, what really impressed me was her ability to manage an extremely diverse audience and field a wide variety of questions with each.


Lela Davidson

Angela spoke on Social Media Marketing at the Society of Talent & Entertainment Professionals (STEP) Conference in March 2014. Her fresh, humor-punctuated approach (on a topic that still baffles some of the jaded booking agents in our group) made many reconsider their thoughts on using Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+ as viable marketing tools. Angela has a fantastic energy level that kept our audience engaged and involved. I have already been thinking of other groups that could benefit from Angela’s presentation.


Mary Ellen Miller

I’ve known Angela for years, but have never heard her speak to a group until recently. She was honest, engaging, entertaining and focused on her audience. I guess I’d say that when it comes to giving speeches, she delivers!

Shannon Magsam

Very interactive and she gave some great ideas!” I learned that… “It’s okay to fail, to model the behavior you want to see and give great evaluations.

Stacy McKisick

Angela spoke at Wordcamp Fayetteville this year on using Google Analytics. Her engaging style of speaking held the attention of an audience that ranged from blogging newbies to CSS developers. She explained the material in such a way that I was immediately able to understand reports that had long baffled me. This is tricky material, but she kept it light, fun and educational without overwhelming or boring anyone. Quite an accomplishment for sure!


Stephanie McCratic

I have known Angela for a long time, maybe 10 years. I have always found her to be quite knowledgeable on a variety of topics. I had never heard her as a public speaker until recently. She was wonderful! The topic was ‘Analytics’ which is not the easiest topic to engage an audience in. She encouraged audience participation and added humor to keep from a dull presentation. She presented the material in a way that was easy to understand. I would love to hear her speak again!

Sue Blumenfeld

She answered my questions on how to go on from here in Toastmasters” I learned how to “service fellow Toastmasters in club roles and to be creative when we help others

Toastmasters Member

I felt Angela had great delivery – engaging and dynamic! Valuable info!” During Angela’s presentation, Putting on the Show, I learned how to “help my club members do their role better, when to use the ‘spent of the law’ and to find the paper that will help make it easier for new-timers.

Toastmasters Member



If you experienced Angela, please feel free to share your thoughts here. Let others know what they are getting themselves into. Glad you enjoyed the ride.