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Be Freaking Awesome Podcast

Living a freaking awesome life is achievable for everyone. Angela Belford and her daughter, Sami Kinnison, join together to provide practical applications to level up your success, business, and life, in a freaking awesome way.

EP99 What to Do When You Fall Off The Wagon

December 19, 2023 | EPISODE 99

Have you ever caught yourself slipping back into old habits after a period of progress and self-improvement? It happens to the best of us, and that’s why Angela Belford and Sami Kinnison spend some time unpacking the rhythm of personal growth, particularly when faced with the test of holiday family gatherings. Expect a candid discussion about navigating these moments with a blend of vulnerability and compassion, as we shed light on why it’s essential to respond to our own imperfections with the same grace we’d offer a friend in need.

As we crack open the toolbox for emotional well-being, Angela and Sami spotlight the role of self-awareness and the power of a purposeful pause. Together, we’ll explore how a simple breath can recalibrate your emotional compass and how self-reflection can be a beacon through moments of doubt. We share actionable insights into harnessing the might of introspection and breathwork to not only manage emotional triggers but to reignite the spark to try again after facing setbacks.

Closing the year on a note of reflection, we discuss the transformative practice of box breathing and its impact on staying present and conscious amidst the rush of the holidays. We’ll take you through the nuances of living wholeheartedly, authentic to your core, and how this affects our interactions during family gatherings and in the workplace. So, take a deep breath and join Angela and Sami, as we offer up a conversation filled with hope, strategies for centeredness, and a celebration of the journey towards personal growth.

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