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EP97 Reframing Success with Dimple Dhabalia

December 5, 2023 | EPISODE 97

Have you ever wondered about the challenging world of humanitarian work and the intricacies it presents? This episode brings you the remarkable insights of Dimple Dabalia, founder of Roots in the Clouds. With a 20-year-long journey in the government and hands-on experience working with asylum-seekers and refugees, Dimple opens up about the harsh reality of vicarious trauma that humanitarians encounter. We dissect the need to redefine success in such taxing fields, referencing her new book coming out in February 2024, “Tell Me My Story,” which promotes the idea of humanitarians caring for their own wellbeing first.

Navigating through the norms of our fast-paced society and cultural expectations, we address the significant issue of self-neglect, especially in humanitarian fields where work directly impacts people’s lives. Dimple and I share our personal experiences and practical examples, highlighting the transformational effect of prioritizing self-care in the workplace. It’s astonishing how a small shift in focus towards our wellbeing can bring about a profound change in our professional and personal lives.

As we move towards the end of this enlightening conversation, we emphasize the concept of human-centered leadership. The idea of creating safe spaces where authenticity thrives is something all work environments should strive for. We also discuss the role of metrics in workplace practices, and the underestimated importance of time-off for vacations. The conversation offers a compelling argument about the potential of individual actions to foster healthier, more productive work environments. Join us in this riveting conversation and let’s redefine success together, bringing self-care into the spotlight.

Find more from Dimple on her website,, at her Instagram @dimpstory, or pre-order her book, Tell Me My Story online after December 9.

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