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Living a freaking awesome life is achievable for everyone. Angela Belford and her daughter, Sami Kinnison, join together to provide practical applications to level up your success, business, and life, in a freaking awesome way.

EP75 Exploring Freedom and Emotional Health

JUNE 27, 2023 | EPISODE 75

We’re igniting the spark of celebration for Independence Day, as your hosts, Sami Kinnison and Angela Belford. Amidst our shared love for the holiday, we also gear up for the much-anticipated release of Angela’s new book, “Traveling Light.” Join us as we reveal the exhilarating journey of Angela’s book writing, while also unmasking our deep personal connections to the holiday.

Ever wondered how mastering emotional control can catapult your life? Look no further as we unravel the mysteries of emotional intelligence using uncanny analogies of a drawbridge and a remote control. Alongside, we’ll also venture into the realms of navigating hurtful words and setting boundaries. Let’s embark on a journey of self-discovery, from the depths of our inner critic to the power of compassion and the freedom it brings.

As if that’s not enough, we’ll also take you back to the roots of democracy, capitalism, and freedom, while dissecting our complex feelings about these systems. From the lessons of history to the unique freedoms America offers, we leave no stone unturned. To top it all off, we dive into the profound power of love and how it offers freedom. So, brace yourself for an episode bursting with personal stories, insights, and thought-provoking discussions.

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