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Be Freaking Awesome Podcast

Living a freaking awesome life is achievable for everyone. Angela Belford and her daughter, Sami Kinnison, join together to provide practical applications to level up your success, business, and life, in a freaking awesome way.

EP66 Fifty and Flourishing

April 25, 2023 | EPISODE 66

In this special episode, we’re celebrating a milestone birthday for one of our hosts – Angela is turning 50!

Angela shares her insights on life, aging, and personal growth. She reflects on the lessons she’s learned and how she’s grown as a person. She also talks about how fifty isn’t as big of a deal as we make it. 

Join us for a heartfelt and insightful conversation as we honor Angela on her 50th birthday. Whether you’re already in your 50s or that milestone feels forever away, this episode provides great advice on aging and staying youthful. Learn how to embrace aging at all stages, stay positive, and pursue your dreams, no matter your age.

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