Be Freaking Awesome Podcast

Be Freaking Awesome Podcast

Living a freaking awesome life is achievable for everyone. Angela Belford and her daughter, Sami Kinnison, join together to provide practical applications to level up your success, business, and life, in a freaking awesome way.

​EP120 Raising Resilient Kids with Leathia Bailey

May 21, 2024 | EPISODE 120

In this episode, Sami Kinnison and Angela Belford are joined by Leathia Bailey to discuss kids and emotions. Letha shares her personal experiences with her son who has a sensory processing disorder and is highly gifted. They discuss the impact of emotions on children and how parents can help them navigate their feelings. They emphasize the importance of naming emotions, validating them, and modeling healthy emotional responses. They also highlight the role of therapy and community support in the parenting journey. Overall, the conversation provides valuable insights and advice for parents dealing with their children’s emotions.


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