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Living a freaking awesome life is achievable for everyone. Angela Belford and her daughter, Sami Kinnison, join together to provide practical applications to level up your success, business, and life, in a freaking awesome way.

EP103 Building Relationships with Others

January 23, 2024 | EPISODE 103

This episode is a heart-to-heart about something we all face – building relationships with others. What are the things that we have ownership of within our emotional resiliency journey that can help us build better relationships with people around us?

We’re unpacking emotions – those indicator lights, not judgments. Assuming positive intent, paying attention to our thought habits, and, when needed, giving ourselves a little “reparenting” when things get tough. We all carry some self-judgment baggage from way back when we were kids, trying to be good enough, do the right thing, say the right words. But here’s the nugget we’ve discovered that can make or break our relationships with others – self-compassion. It’s about recognizing our pain, not just brushing it off. It’s letting ourselves be moved by our struggles, and understanding the significance of our challenges.

And you know what? Pain, failure, rejection – they’re all part of being human. Instead of fearing them, we are beginning to acknowledge them as a natural part of life and a part of relationships.

Join us in this genuine conversation about self-discovery, forgiveness, and self-compassion. It’s not about flashy transformations but about embracing our imperfections and building a real, honest connection with ourselves so that we can show up in relationships with others.

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