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E86 Motivational Triad Part 2: Embracing Pleasure and Self-Healing with Tantric Sex Coach, Anne Bland


On part two of our deep dive into the motivational triad, we spoke with Anne Bland, a tantric sex coach and relationship coach from Europe, to guide us through the idea of seeking pleasure. Anne’s personal healing of burnout and childhood sexual abuse, and the understanding of her constant need for validation have led her to discover healthier paths forward, where she embraces a “selfishly happy” lifestyle.

Through the course of our discussion, we will shed light on the importance of emotions and the concept of re-parenting yourself for emotional health. Anne will demystify the ancient practice of tantra, a spiritual path that leverages pleasure and sex for personal growth. Misconceptions abound, but together we’ll clarify its true meaning and its transformative power. Along the way, we’ll delve into the fascinating neuroscience behind our three-part brain, uncovering how our primitive urges can create discomfort when broaching subjects like sex.

In the last part of our journey, we’ll guide you on how to explore pleasure and self-healing. You’ll discover how curiosity, playfulness, and understanding our five senses can help us stay present, express our emotions, and find pleasure in nature, our senses, and relationships. We’ll wrap up the discussion by inviting you to embrace the power of pleasure and make it part of your life, an idea further discussed in Anne Blunt’s ebook, ‘Pleasure Is Your Birthright: Seven Holistic Sex Tools’. So, tune in and learn how to truly seek pleasure in all its forms.

You can find Anne at or on Instagram @selfishlyhappywithannebland.

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