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Meet Angela Belford

Angela Belford finds success in life and business through creativity, perseverance and hard work. She takes those lessons and shares them with business professionals across the nation to help them find their own element of business growth and personal development.

Angela is a busy wife, mother to three children, and is a successful business co-owner and consultant. She’s an avid public speaker who shares her wisdom and wit with audiences big and small.

Her business and personal life have taught Angela to take life’s lemons and make lemonade—to seize opportunities and to find positive lessons in everything that happens. Her training, education and experience give Angela the expertise to bring powerful and effective ideas, training and planning for her clients.

She has been speaking on branding, marketing, social media and internet marketing for over 6 years. She loves infusing function with fabulous in all of her marketing campaigns and branding development.

Heralded as the Marketing Maven, Angela delights audiences with her spunk, humor and authenticity.

More About Angela’s Education and Training

Angela earned her Bachelors of Science in Business Administration in Marketing from what is now the Walton College of Business at the University of Arkansas in Fayetteville. She graduated from Full Sail University’s online degree program with a Masters of Science in Internet Marketing. These two degrees give Angela the academic background to fully grasp the intricate details involved with creating and marketing a business or organization.

Her training and education goes beyond the typical classroom. Angela received intense training during a 10-day seminar by Jack Canfield, who is probably best known for creating the Chicken Soup for the Soul series. That seminar instilled in Angela the ability to facilitate skills seminars using experiential-based techniques.

Angela has enhanced her training and skills through frequent consulting and training projects during her work at The Belford Group, the company she co-owns with husband, Barry.


More About Angela as an Entrepreneur     

 The drive to develop her own business began early for Angela when she earned a consultant car through Mary Kay at age 23 and became a Sales Director at age 24. She’s succeeded in several direct marketing business opportunities since then—each one giving her insight into what does and does not work in a business, all while feeding her desire to succeed as both a person and an entrepreneur.

Angela is results-oriented, which is evidenced in all of her entrepreneurial efforts. At one point, Angela took on the project to purchase and then “flip” a house. In 89 days, she purchased, made massive renovations and had the home back on the market.  Within a few more weeks she sold the home —for a commendable profit.

The ultimate entrepreneurial endeavor came in 1999 when Angela and her husband purchased what they now call The Belford Group. The Belford Group is a successful company that offers a full array of marketing, social media, web development and branding services. For the first 8-10 years of the business, it was primarily a custom software development company where Angela did sales, analysis and training for most of the custom development. The Belford Group has clients from all over the nation.

More About Angela as a Business Consultant and Trainer

Angela is a firm believer in the idea that to grow a company, one must also grow as a person. She’s taken this belief to heart in her own life and she seeks to instill it in others. As her company grows, Angela knows she could easily outsource much of the various project components but that isn’t good enough. She creates jobs that allow people to work in their passions.

“I have created a company that provides outstanding service and an outstanding work environment,” Angela says.

Angela takes these concepts and encourages an entrepreneurial spirit in her business consulting clients. She helps them take their idea and guides them through each step it takes to make those dreams a reality. Angela is a proven asset for those businesses who are already finding success by providing further consulting on issues from marketing to stronger business practices.


More About Angela as a Family Person and Community Member  

Anyone who knows Angela knows she is a family person, a community person. She is actively involved in her children’s lives and is a proven leader in various community roles. Developing the delicate work/life balance is another skill that Angela is uniquely qualified to coach clients on because she lives the ideology in her own life.

Angela has held several leadership roles that involve both her family and her community. She’s past President of the Razorback BNI Networking group, past President and current Vice President of Education for the Razorback Wordmasters, which is Fayetteville’s Toastmaster’s chapter. She also has served on the planning committee for WordCamp Fayetteville for several years, which is Arkansas’ premier technology conference for WordPress users.

Past service includes:

•    President of the Holt Middle School PTO
•    President of the Community Kids’ Closet
•    K-Life Board Member
•    Board Member for planning several major community events including nonprofit fundraisers and faith-based events
•    Editor of the Holcomb Elementary School Directory and the Holcomb Elementary School Yearbook
•    Girl Scout leader for five years
•    Youth leader at Fellowship Bible Church.